The one (or ones) that got away!

Very little air movement early on, later developing into a west breeze. Some cloud cover, but mainly warm and sunny.

Seawatch report from  Pete:

Just 30 minutes seawatch 06:15-06:45  then switched to search of Heysham Head area, because:

Calls - thought golden plover initially until the penny dropped (it sounded like a Bee-eater) but right over the car and couldn’t get out in time to see it/them as flying straight into sun 0635 - so, unfortunately, that's it as far as any record goes.

Canada goose - flock of 30 floating in

Gannet - 3 in
Guillemot  - 2 in
Grey seal - 2

Lots of small 4-6 inch fish leaping out like they were being chased - at or just beyond yellow buoy range (sounds like small mullet being chased by large bass or Harbour Porpoise (MD))

C1600 gulls on skeer late afternoon mainly 2cy Herring.  

Heysham Head 

I went down to see how the Rock Pipits were doing (MD)

Below the high cliffs there were two adult with at least two newly fledged young.

Presumably this is the male, I don't know if he helps with the feeding when there is 
no threat, but judging by the amount of guano on this rock, he spends some time there

This is the other adult, walking on water. She's hunting for flies on the wrack.